Social Media has become an essential tool for the success of any business – online or offline. Register for this detailed course on how to leverage social media for your business and become a Social Media Expert!

Course Content

  • Catgory   : Social Media
  • Duration : 4 hour 30 mins
  • Cost          : Rs. 3500

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Things You Will Learn

  • Innovative weekly posts on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest etc.
  • Out of the box online & offline campaigns.
  • Organic post reach (we don't believe in buying likes, we believe in creating them).
  • Make your brand customer friendly.
  • Amazing DIY Software (Learn to do things independently like creating your own posters, leaflets, creatives, social media posts, etc. )
  • Content Marketing.
  • Online PR (Get featured is newspapers & magazines).
  • Online & Offline Networking modules.
  • Introducing 2 more topics: How to market your Blog, Create your own Social Media Recipe.