You must have heard about blogging being the primary profession of many people. Food blogging, travel blogging, fashion blogging … the list is virtually endless. Does it seem like every one around you is blogging but you are absolutely clueless about it?

Blogging Effectively

Course Content

  • Catgory   : Social Media
  • Duration : 4 hours
  • Cost          : Rs. 3000

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Socialize Store brings to you a comprehensive course on Effective Blogging. On completion, you will have a clearer idea about the following aspects of blogging:

  • Why do you need to Blog?
  • How to start Blogging?
  • Creating & Maintaining Blog Posts.
  • Designing your own Unique Content - (creative writing, planning editorials, hook lines, keywords, tone of content, using images and videos, etc.)
  • How to add Depth to your Blog?
  • How to Market your Blog?
  • How to get maximum Views & Interactions for your Blog?
  • How to Monetize your Blog?