“Hello goddesses..I am so happy to be a part of this group. My heartfelt gratitude to Ami Savla for an excellent hands on training on how to use social media for entrepreneurs. Simple easy to understand and moreover she does with a simple and a hear full of love. Thank You.”

Evelet Sequeira

“Super informative workshop. Thank you Ritu and Ami. The social media workshop was amazing, creative and perfect. Thank you for organizing it. For a doctor like me who is clueless on digital presence, it is perfect start to my new year since patients ask for website details and want to know what results I’m causing for my patients. So today’s workshop gave me a hands on training on creating my presence known digitally and easily Big thank you.”

Dr. Kashish

“Dear Ami, Firstly I would like to thank you for your efforts in upgrading my knowledge and skill through your compact Digital Marketing training. It was definitely need of the hour especially being an entrepreneur. You were quite humble and patient with the queries, hence it was a comfortable learning experience. I would highly recommend your training to other.”

Seema Lal

“Hi Ami. I loved your workshop so much that it felt like I was a toy store! Every new tip of yours was like a new toy to keep me playing around with it. On a serious note, the workshop was value for money. Your clarity and pace was just right. Very informative too! Am certain I will come back for more.”


“It was really worth knowing you and your services. I learnt so many good things about social marketing management, advertising and promotion. I shall refer your program to my network and if invite you for sessions in Baroda. Email me your quotation for such events. A big thank you for the session.”

Bhavik Mehta

“Thanks for a wonderful session. I am sure this is just the beginning of a great story of you and Yash. I am confident that you will soar great heights. And I am saying this out of my experience. Seen thousands of people across globe and I am aware of some of some great traits of achievers. You have the fire in the belly. Make your signature stand out. Gods speed and blue skies always.”

Nitin Welde

“You are such a young, fiery, committed girl who had no insecurities of sharing information. Wow I m very impressed with you and you are really inspiring! Thank you for being so open, honest and sharing all information required. The session as not only informative but equipped entrepreneurs like me with practical tips and tricks on how to go out there and make a mark in the digital world. Thank you Ami.”

Preethi Gopal

“Hi! I have this fulfilling feeling after attending your workshop as if I have achieved something, as if someone told me am moving in right direction, as if someone braced helping hand for a tough situation, as if I have hope to get there someday and do that something for myself and my company, thanks a lot.”

Palak Chauhan

“A very helpful and informative speech which can be used in developing our business in a correct way. Very inspirational. Thanks Ami Savla.”

Mamta Bhatt